Qur’an is a unique book revealed to mankind by Allah through His last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).It is the only divine book which has been preserved in its original text and language.It is the last and final book for guidance of human race and will remain so till the Day of Judgement.As a matter of fact it is manufacturer’s operational manual for working of the most advance, complex and sophisticated machine on planet Earth: The Homo sapiens. It is a code of conduct that will result in well being of human beings in this world and life hereafter.The topics in Qur’an are diverse and deal with all aspects of human life and universe.This has been referred in the following verses:

Behold the book! No trace of doubt in it. A guide to the pious.

( Soorah Al-Baqarah 2:2 )

  We have made the Book to descend upon you, a clear explanation for all things, a Guidance, a mercy and glad tidings to those who have surrendered to Allah( Muslims ).

  ( Soorah An-Nahl 16:89 )

If every tree on earth was a pen refilled by the sea ,(ink) and by seven more seas besides, the words of Allah would not be exhausted. Allah is Almighty, All- Wise.

  ( Soorah Luqman 31:27 )

The Qur’an is a miracle in itself. Apart from complete code of life for human race, scientific phenomena have been discussed in almost all of its chapters.The relationship between science and Islam, surprisingly, is of compatibility and harmony and not of discord. Controversies , however , may occur due to fallacy of interpretation or inaccuracy of the scientific hypotheses.As we will see in the following articles on’ Islam and Science’, the facts revealed in Qur’an have been endorsed by scientific research conducted centuries afterwords.The contemporary scientific mind, however, is amazed to note that a book revealed over 1400 years back, describes phenomenon which were not, hitherto,clear to scientists a few decades ago.

It is pertinent to point out that Qur’an is not a book of science or history.Basically the discussions in Qur’an invite the human race to ponder on the signs of Allah and submit to the orders of Allah which is ‘Islam’ (unconditional submission to the will of Allah). But since it is from the creator of universe, all facts are amazingly compatible with modern day science.Qur’an was revealed to a society that was at the lowest level of literacy and scientific development.Even the comparatively developed societies at that time had absurd and superstitious beliefs about scientific phenomena.There is, however, clear reference in Qur’an to the prevailing scientific development and resultant awareness in the mankind towards Allah, the ultimate sovereign over the entire universe I.E :

We will show them our signs in the Universe and their own selves until it becomes manifest to them that this (Qur’an) is the truth. Is it not sufficient that your Lord is witness over all things?

(Soorah Fussilat 41: 53)

The believers, therefore, have been encouraged to study signs of Allah in the universe. During the past decades the, Western Scientists had an indifferent or even hostile attitude towards Islam. But recent global political developments especially 9/11 events have created great interest in western society towards understanding of Islam. That is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe and America continents.